How slim your face in a week and without surgeries

Getting the face look thinner seems almost impossible. But do not be discouraged, there are many techniques that give excellent results and in a very short time. In some people usually happens that as much as they lose weight their face does not thin. This is due to a genetic condition, but do not despair. You can thin your face in all cases. How slim your face in a week and get the results to last for a long time.

How slim your face in a week with exercises

Exercises are essential for slimming of face. When one does some sporting activity, one of the parts where most liquid is removed is by the face. If you want to thin your face in a week, you’re going to have to begin your whole body. It is necessary to do some activity that activates the entire cardiovascular system. The fixed bicycle is ideal for thinning the face. You can see how in the gyms the people who make fixed bicycles are always with a towel dry the sweat of his face. You can use Dermacol Foundation for skin treatmeants and more

In addition to performing some activity that stimulates the removal of fluid in the face, you can do exercises specifically on the face. Chewing gum makes use of all the muscles of the face. The ideal is to chew sugarless gum, to avoid damaging the teeth and incidentally we do not add calories to our body. You can chew several chewing gums a day and after a week you can notice the results

How to lose weight in a week

Food is another important point in this process of slimming of face. Foods rich in fiber are very good for this. It is because you have to chew more, so you begin on the muscles of the face and also burn calories while you are eating. Celery is one of the favorite vegetables to get slim body and face.

You can eat stalks of celery throughout the day, it is a good option to eat between meals and avoid other types of food. You should also follow a low-calorie, high-protein diet. For main meals you can eat salads with lean meats. These foods are low in calories and require a lot of effort throughout the digestive system to digest them. So when you are eating you are already losing weight.

The exercise

If you want to know How slim your face in a week, you should definitely consider physical exercise. This speeds up metabolism, which reduces overweight and as a result, will also reduce your face.

Slimming of face, it is not far from slimming of body. It is also a way to have a healthy lifestyle. This reduces the possibility of suffering from heart problems, diabetes and high cholesterol. And this is actually the most important aspect that you should keep in mind.

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