How to Remove Blackheads From your Face?

The drama of thousands of women and many men also… The blackheads! But you don’t have to learn to live with them; you just have to know how to remove them and most importantly, how to prevent their appearance!

These odious black spots that appear mostly on the nose and chin occur when pores in the skin or follicles are blocked by excessive secretion from the sebaceous glands. That’s why daily cleansing, peels, and specific mask treatments are so important. If you remove all the blackheads from your skin and don’t keep that cleansing on your face, the blackheads will reappear over time!

blackhead removal mask

5 Tips for Removing Blackheads

Depending on the type of skin you have, you will spend more or less time on it. Oily skins are the most prone to blackheads, so if this is your case, these tips will not come even painted.

  1. Use a homemade mask of oatmeal, yogurt or sugar. These three products are the best known natural exfoliants. Try mixing a yogurt with oatmeal and apply it to the face in a circular motion to remove all the dirt.
  2. It uses specific products to eliminate blackheads. You have daily anti-blackhead scrubs; even products that come with special applicators to diminish blackheads and black mask peel off masks.
  3. Use water vapor to dilate pores. Before making the extraction with any of the suggestions we have mentioned, heat a casserole of water, wait for it to boil and remove from the fire. Then put your face on top of the pan uncovered with great care not to burn, cover yourself with a towel and wait a few minutes. Now your pores are much more dilated and the products you apply to your face will have much more effect.
  4. To facilitate the removal of black dots you can also use a towel. Soak it in lukewarm water and place it on a stove or put it in a casserole with boiling water. Let it harden a little, place it on your face and after applying some of the products we have recommended, wash your face with cold water to close the black spots.
  5. If you have an area of black dots that resist, try using a toothbrush wet with warm water and a pinch of toothpaste twice a day. Spread it over that area gently and let it work for a few seconds. Then clean with water.

5 tips to prevent blackheads

As we have already mentioned a little above, preventing blackheads is super important. If you eliminate the black spots but don’t keep your face clean properly, you’ve ruined all your efforts! So, so that this doesn’t happen, we give you five tips to prevent blackheads:

  1. Perform two daily cleansings of the skin: use a make-up remover lotion and a tonic twice a day. Once in the morning when you get up and once before you go to bed. You should never go to bed with your makeup without taking it off!
  2. Soap and water dry the skin, so to maintain a correct balance, you can use micellar water, which also reduces shine. But if you want to try another product just as effective, but with a different texture, try the new Micellar Gel, an ideal cleanser for all types of face, as it not only provides excellent softness but also removes all types of dirt and impurities.
  3. Use products adapted to your skin. If you have oily skin, you have to use specific products for your skin type. Remember that if you are not sure what type of skin you have, you can take a skin test.
  4. Performs deep peels every fortnight. These will allow you to remove the dirt that daily cleaning does not remove. You can use a deep exfoliating gel in the shower, taking advantage of the more dilated pores.
  5. Closes the pores. After performing these daily cleansings, or peels, the dirt from the pores has vanished, but it is important that you close the pores so that no more dirt gets in. Just apply a good tonic and you’re done!

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