Laxatives for weight loss, are they good for you?

The majority of people are searching for a quick and hassle totally free solution to lose weight, and recently laxatives for weight loss became a popular option. This is why today we are discussing this topic, to explain to our readers why this is a terrible idea.laxatives for weight loss reviews

How laxatives work?

Laxatives do result in little weight loss, but it is just not sustainable. The laxative pills, given that they form a bulk, they do not permit food to remain in the body for long.

So exactly what occurs is…despite the fact that some calories from the meal are soaked up by the body, many of them pass out undigested. Nevertheless, taking laxatives routinely lowers the body capacity to absorb the needed nutrients from the food which ultimately impacts the health of the person. Basically, if your body doesn’t get the needed nutrients, it starts to break. Over a long duration of time, the individual starts feeling weaker with a host of health issues cropping up. Plus, the majority of the little weight dropped throughout the laxative use is water weight, and not actual fat you wish to lose.

Types of laxatives

There are four types of laxatives for weight loss, and each one work in a different way.

  • Bulk forming agents – Fiber products make stool bigger, making the intestinal tracts agreement favoring a bowel movement. Although it takes result after 12 hours to almost three days, it is recommended to take day-to-day fiber supplements to have a tidy body system. Examples of fiber laxatives are: pineapple juices, water and other fruit juices.
  • Osmotic representatives and saline laxatives – Perhaps you know that fiber makes stool larger. Osmotic representatives in fact are laxative that are capable of separating water from undigested food in the intestine. Medical professionals do advise utilizing these simply a short time since it can trigger dehydration.
  • Stool softeners and lubricants – Stool softeners actually mix water with other liquids to make the stool to easily come out. However it intends to avoid constipation resulting from being unable to release the undigested food.
  • Stimulant laxatives – Stimulant laxatives will put irritants to your body, making it uneasy with the undigested food in your digestion track. It works fast and medical professionals alert people to be extremely mindful of utilizing this kind of laxatives due to the fact that it can damage your digestive system, more causing loose and lazy defecation.

Side effects of laxatives

Laxatives for weight loss also have negative side effects, which is why it is important to read the following:

  • Dizzyness – Laxatives triggers food to be passed out of the system rapidly. As consequence of this situation, dehydration appears and very few nutrients and calories are being absorbed. The body is not able to process them into energy and the person ends up being weak.
  • Diarrhea and dehydration – Laxative abuse is one of the top factors for persistent diarrhea in almost every user. This also results in dehydration.
  • Nausea and vomiting – Considering that many laxatives distress the stomach lining, it means that individual feels a great deal of nausea and might even throw up.
  • Stomach cramps – This is one of the usually common complaints.
  • Intestinal Damage – This is the worst side effect which laxatives have, and it happens because the body is adapted to the use of laxatives.


You should be aware by now that laxatives for weight loss are a terrible idea. You can try Phen375 instead, and you will not have to worry about side effects or organ damage.

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