What is the used of green tea? And what is its benefits?

If you want to know what is the used of green tea, we invite you to read this article where we explain all its functions. Green tea is an infusion that is prepared with water to the point of boiling, for help to get all its properties. You can buy it in strings or in individual bags. The two forms are equally effective; this is due to the tastes of each person depending on how you prefer to drink a good tea.what is the use of green tea extract

Green tea serves as a stimulant

While all people choose coffee when it comes to drinking something stimulating, you should know that green tea also acts as a stimulant without causing all the damage caused by coffee. In fact it is usually recommended for people who can not drink coffee for health reasons, but want some drink that stimulates them. Given its high concentrations of theine, it helps the person to stay awake and active for longer.

Theine is like caffeine, but in this case it is tea. It has the same properties as caffeine, but it is not released and acts so fast. Its effect is slower but just as effective. Maybe people who were accustomed to drinking coffee find it hard to feel the stimulation of green tea at first. But over time the person gets accustomed and can see what is used for green tea.

Other Functions of Green Tea

When you want to know what is the used of green tea, you may know that it is for weight loss. It has a function that helps people to lose weight safely and quickly. If you are one of those people who diet, but do not manage to lose weight as it should be, you have to try green tea and see the results obtained. There are people who have lost 10 kilos in less than a month thanks to green tea.

In addition to seeing the use of green tea, one can check its results. When making a diet to lose weight, it is recommended to drink two to three cups of green tea to aid in the elimination of fats. In addition it helps make the diet safer because it covers many nutrients needed in daily intake. It also contains antioxidants, which stimulate the formation of new and healthier cells. This will help prevent premature aging of the skin and body tissues.

The secret of longevity

We are often surprised when we see older people in the East, enjoying a superior lozania and an incredible level of longevity. Well the secret in this case is the consumption of antioxidants in your customer and green tea is one of its sources.

Antioxidants reduce the action of free radicals and prolong life. In addition, they reduce the possibility of developing degenerative diseases such as cancer and alzheimer’s. This is an important point, when thinking about what is the used of green tea? .Ingesting it is a good habit that you will value throughout your life.

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